To become a member of the Calvary Baptist Church, you will have to accept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior which is done by the Holy Spirit. When you know that you are genuinely saved, you will attend our Baptismal class for a few months. After the class, an interview will be conducted to know if you truly understand the plan of salvation.

If you pass the interview, you will be baptist. After the baptism, you will attend another class called the New Believers Class where you will learn the church's doctrine, how to live after you have accepted Christ, you decide what role you want to play in the church etc.

Upon the completion of this class, you will receive a membership certificate which indicates that you are a member of the Calvary Baptist Church.

You can also become a member by membership transfer from one of our sister's churches due to some conditions that you will explain to the pastor of your previous church and the pastor of Calvary Baptist. If the reason(s) is genuine before your membership transfer is accepted.